The Oregon Health Authority, in partnership with the Oregon Association of Hospital and Health Systems, has developed a measure to address screening and brief interventions provided in Emergency Departments of hospitals participating in the Hospital Transformation Performance Program. Hospitals submit the following data from their electronic health records:


Brief or Full screening rate:

Number of patients who complete
an alcohol or drug use screening tool


Number of patients age 12+
who visit the ED

Brief intervention rate:

Number of patients who
receive a brief intervention


Number of patients who screen
positive on a full screening tool

The program is in Year 4, with a measurement period of calendar year 2017.


Screening rates details:

Hospitals are held accountable for either the Brief or Full screening rate.

Denominator: Unique count of individuals age 12 years and older with a qualifying emergency department visit during Year 4. Exclusion criteria apply.

Numerator: Patients in the denominator who completed an approved screening tool.  Separate benchmarks apply for each screening rate (see below).


Brief intervention rate details:

Hospitals must report but are not held accountable for the Brief intervention rate.

Denominator: Unique count of individuals age 12 years and older with a qualifying emergency department visit during Year 4 who screened positive on an approved screening tool.

Numerator: Patients in the denominator who receive a brief intervention, which employs principles of motivational interviewing to: 1) educate the patient about their level of use and the associated risk; 2) recommend the patient reduce use, abstain, and/or seek specialized treatment; 3) explore the patient's readiness to carry out the recommendation, and, 4) identify a plan of behavior change with patients who are ready.



Year 4 benchmarks are based on the 90th percentile performance rates from Year 2.

  • Brief screening rate: 83.5%
  • Full screening rate: 71.3% (for hospitals with workflows that skip the brief screen)

Hospitals that do not meet the benchmark can still meet their Improvement Target and earn quality pool funds by making sufficient progress towards the benchmark.


More information:

Oregon Health Authority: Technical Specifications and Guidance Documents for Hospital Transformation Performance Program